About Us

Thank you for visiting Nature's Radiance. Stacie Moor is an Independent Distributor of Earth's Beauty®(for Adults) and Meisha™ (for Teens) Products.

Growing up with three brothers, in a three-bedroom rancher with one bath, Stacie always locked herself in the bathroom for some privacy (that was the only interior room in the house with a lock on the door!). She started ballet at a very early age and has danced and exercised all her life. Health was always important to her at a young age.

Acquiring a Business degree and working for three (why always three???) major chemical companies gave her the knowledge of chemicals and how they impacted the body and the environment. She's used many cosmetics over the years, and had some bad reactions from the chemicals in those products. She believes there are too many chemicals in cosmetics today. She's also used the EB and Meisha (for Teens and beyond) cosmetics for about four years and decided, with the permission of the manufacturer, to offer these products to you!

Her goal is to empower you and your teens to take control of your health and try these products (with healthy minimal ingredients you can pronounce) that have no known ingredients that are harmful for your body! Welcome to Nature's Radiance; feel good knowing you look good without all the toxic chemicals! Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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